Easy Vegan Chocolate Glazed Donuts

With a Gluten-Free Option!

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Quick and EASY vegan chocolate glazed donuts (with a gluten-free option!) that are soft, fluffy, and delicious. There are two glaze options for you to choose from sugar or chocolate.

Gather the Ingredients

ground flax seeds – water – gluten free flour OR all-purpose flour - cocoa powder –  sugar

Gather the Ingredients

baking powder – baking soda – salt – non-dairy milk – melted coconut oil – vanilla

Gather the Ingredients

For the glazes: powdered sugar – non-dairy milk – vanilla For chocolate: - add cocoa powder

– Prepare flax egg, set aside. – Whisk whisk the flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. – Mix milk, coconut oil, vanilla, and flax mixture.

– Pour wet ingredients into dry and mix well. – Using a piping bag or a large Ziploc bag, pipe the mixture into each cavity of your donut pan. – Bake for 10 minutes.

– Remove from oven and let the pan sit for a few minutes before removing the donuts. – Remove the donuts from the pan and place on a cooling rack.

– Prepare the glaze you'd like, chocolate or sugar (all the steps for making the glazes are in the full recipe).

– Dip each donut into the glaze until the top is coated. Repeat with all the donuts.

Place the donuts back onto the cooling rack for the excess glaze to drip off and firm up. Top with optional toppings (like sprinkles!)