Dairy-Free Gingerbread Latte (Vegan)

Easy & Delicious!

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Make your own dairy-free gingerbread latte at home and save your money! All you need for this festive, delicious, cozy drink is a handful of ingredients and a few minutes.

Gather the Ingredients

strong coffee or espresso – dairy-free milk – molasses – ground ginger – ground cinnamon – ground nutmeg

Gather the Ingredients

ground cloves – vanilla – dairy-free milk for foaming – sweetener to taste – cinnamon or nutmeg for garnish (optional)

– Brew coffee or espresso, pour it into a mug and set aside.

– Add the dairy-free milk, molasses, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to a small pot and whisk until everything is combined.

– Heat until the  mixture is steaming. Whisk occasionally, don't allow it to boil. – Remove the pot from the heat and whisk in the vanilla.

– Place a small strainer over the mug and pour in the milk mixture Add sweetener, stir, taste, and adjust as necessary.

– Heat the foaming milk and using a milk frother, froth the milk until it's foamy. Pour onto the top of the drink.

– Recipe can be doubled, tripled, or more for a crowd.