Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Frosting

Quick and easy dairy-free cream cheese frosting that’s perfect for topping or filling a variety of desserts. This recipe is tofu-free, nut-free and gluten-free.

Gather the Ingredients

vegan butter – salt – vegan cream cheese – powdered sugar – vanilla extract – fresh lemon juice

– Mix butter and salt together. - Add vegan cream cheese, mix again. - Gradually add powdered sugar.

– Add vanilla.

– Add lemon juice (don't skip this ingredient!)

– Mix again for about 1 minute. Stop to scrape down the sides of  the bowl when needed.

– Scoop the frosting into an airtight  container, cover and chill for at least 1 hour.

– After the chilling time, frost cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and more with it!

– This recipe can be doubled, tripled. Details in the full recipe.