Easy Apple Cinnamon Oats

Hearty, filling apple cinnamon oats is a quick, easy breakfast to make on busy weekday mornings. It’s packed with sweet apples, warm spices and can be made ahead.

Gather the Ingredients

milk of choice – water – cinnamon – nutmeg – salt

Gather the Ingredients

– rolled oats – half of and apple, peeled and diced – sweetener of choice)

– Add milk, water, and salt to a small pot, stir. – Place the pot over medium-high heat until it starts to boil. - Turn the heat down to low, add the spices, and stir.

– Simmer, add the apples, and continue cooking. - Remove pot from the heat. – Pour the oatmeal into a bowl, sweeten.

– Add any toppings you like (suggestions in the full recipe)

– You can make your apple cinnamon oats in advance, refrigerate, and reheat when needed.

– You can also double or triple the recipe as needed.